"This ex-UN lawyer's comedy is charming and intelligent." - Montreal Metro

Pretty Semitic

Show Description:

A Jewish-Arab comedic extravaganza in which Montreal comedians, Eman El-Husseini (Just for Laughs) and Jess Salomon (CBC’s George Stromboulopoulous) delve into the politics of their peoples and their people’s politics. Those may be the same thing. Let’s not argue. Honestly, just chill out.

Building on the success of the “Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays” tour and late-night conversations at the bar where Jess and Eman single-handedly solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict only to wake up and find that it’s still going on, “Pretty Semitic” celebrates the things we have in common … humour, hairiness, and the pressure to find husbands.

Show Dates:

Chicago: Zanies, May 17th, 2012

Montreal: Just for Laugh’s Zoofest, 2014: July 11th, July 12th, July 15th, July 17th