"This ex-UN lawyer's comedy is charming and intelligent." - Montreal Metro

IMO (In my opinion)

Show Description:

IMO (In My Opinion) dares to ask, among other things, what if kale isn’t really a super food? Seriously you guys, what if we’re all eating that roided-up lettuce for no reason at all!

After a winter in which her satire of the Charter of Values went viral, her contributions to multiple Facebook comment threads had people responding “well, that’s just my opinion” i.e. admitting defeat, and her appearances on Sun News Network had people asking, “Sun News, really?” Jess is ready to take her views to the stage! Chief among them: Not all opinions are created equal.

When you can’t trust the media, the Government or the old lady next door, whose opinion can you trust? Jess Salomon is none of those things (yet). So, pull up a chair, tune-in, and behold the only truly reasonable opinions out there. Jess Salomon’s.

Show Dates:

Montreal: Theatre St Catherine

Montreal Fringe, 2014: June 12June 13June 14June 15June 19June 20June 21June 22