"This ex-UN lawyer's comedy is charming and intelligent." - Montreal Metro


Upcoming Shows


December 1st, Mike & Teddy Show, Fubar, 8PM L.A.

December 5th, Salomon & Smith, Comedy Bar, 8PM, Toronto

December 7th, Laugh it Up Astoria, Q.E.D, 9PM, Queens

December 12th, “She Said/She Said”, South 4th Bar, 9:30PM, BK

December 14th, Panic Attack, 2A (25 Ave A), 8PM, NYC

December 15th, Monotony, Caveat, 9:30PM, NYC

December 16th, Wow Comedy, Suite Bar, 7PM, NYC

December 28th, Pete’s Candy Store, 7:30PM, BK


November 1st, Westbury Inn, 8:30PM, Brooklyn

November 2nd, King Hippo, Mocking Bird, 8PM, NYC

November 3rd, Bitches Brew, Halyards, 8:30PM, Brooklyn

November 4th, Creek and the Cave, 10PM, Queens

November 5th, Crimson Wave, Comedy Bar, 9PM, Toronto

November 6th, Dawn Patrol, Comedy Bar, 8PM, Toronto

November 7th, Salomon & Smith, Comedy Bar, 8PM, Toronto

November 8th, “It’s All Happening”, Frank’s Lounge, 8PM, BK

November 9th, Drop the Mic, Threes Outpost (113 Franklin St), 8PM, Brooklyn

November 10th, Secret Loft Show, NYC

November 11th, Last Stop Laughs, QED, 11PM, Queens

November 12th, Madams of the Universe, QED, 7PM, Queens

November 13th, Carolines, 7PM, NYC

November 14th, Ambush Comedy, Two Boots Pizza, 8P, Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

November 15th, Rent Party, Union Hall, 10PM, Brooklyn

November 17th, Bar None (98 3rd Ave), 8:30PM, NYC

November 17th, Cobra Club, 9PM, BK

November 19th, Beauty Bar, 8:30PM, NYC

November 19th, Bushwick Bears, Tender Trap, 9PM, Brooklyn

November 18th, Creek Bros, Creek and the Cave, 8PM, Queens

November 20th, Hush Money, Pink’s, 8PM, NYC

November 21st, Dark Spots, Union Hall, 8:30PM, Brooklyn

November 25th, Knock Out Comedy Hour, Westside Comedy Theater, 11:30PM, L.A.

November 27th, Two Doors Down, Hollywood Improv (Lab), 10PM, L.A.

November 29th, StandUp NBC Final, Hollywood Improv (Main Room), L.A.

November 30th, Big Money, The Virgil, 8PM, L.A.


October 2nd, Salomon & Smith, Comedy Bar, 9PM, Toronto

October 5th, Panic Attack, Exile Above 2A, 8PM, NYC

October 8th, New York Comedy Club, 9PM, NYC

October 13th-14th, Edmonton Comedy Festival, Edmonton

October 15th, Empress Comedy, Empress Ale House, 8:30PM, Edmonton

October 16th, Comedy Monday Night, Broken City, 8PM, Calgary

October 17th, YY Fest, Calgary

October 18th, Jupiter Comedy, Oak Tree Tavern, 8PM, Calgary

October 20th, Bad Karma, Karma Lounge, 6:30PM, NYC

October 21st, Moth Ball Comedy, The PIT, 8:30PM, NYC

October 25th, Park Dope, Halyards, 8:30PM, Brooklyn

October 25th, Fun House, Pete’s Candy Store, 10PM, Brooklyn

October 26th – 27th, The Comedy Nest, Montreal

October 29th, Henrietta’s, 2PM, NYC

October 29th, Bushwick Bears, Tender Trap, 9PM, Brooklyn

October 29th, Knitting Factory, 9PM, Brooklyn

October 31st, New York Comedy Club, 7PM, NYC


September 1st, Creek & Cave Live, Creek & Cave, 8PM, Queens

September 3rd, Crimson Wave, Comedy Bar, 9PM Toronto

September 4th, Alt Dot Comedy Lounge, Rivoli, 9PM, Toronto

September 5th, Salomon & Smith, Comedy Bar, 8PM, Toronto

September 6th, Spirits Bar & Grill, 9PM, Toronto

September 7th, Tip Top Bar and Grill, 8:30PM, BK

September 8th, And I am Not Lying, UCB East, Midnight, NYC

September 14th, New York Comedy Club, 8:30PM, NYC

September 14th, Roast Battle, New York Comedy Club, 10:30PM, NYC

September 17th, If You Build It, UCB East, 7:30PM, NYC

September 18th, Lap Dance Saloon, HiFi, 9PM, NYC

September 21st, The Commodore, Charleston, SC

September 22nd, Surrogates, Relapse Theatre, Atlanta

September 23rd, Laughing Skull Lounge, 8 & 10:30PM, Atlanta

September 23rd, 1AM Secret Show, Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta

September 25th, Tight Ship, Freddy’s Bar, 8:30PM, Brooklyn

September 26th, C U Last Tuesday, Artichoke Pizza, 9PM, Brooklyn

September 26th, Funny Ha Ha Funny Queer, Metropolitan Bar, 9PM, Brooklyn

September 27th, Eman El-Husseini @JFL 42, The Garrison , 7PM, Toronto

September 28th, Eman El-Husseini @JFL 42, The Rivoli, 9PM, Toronto

September 29th, Guelph Comedy Festival, 7:30PM, Guelph Ontario


August 1st, Wilson, Father Knows Best, 9PM, BK

August 14th, New York Comedy Club, 9PM, NYC

August 16th, Fierte Montreal, 9PM, Montreal

August 18th, Living Room Show, Postmark Cafe, 8PM, BK

August 19th, Dark Horse, 8PM, NYC

August 21st, Snowdonia, 9PM, Queens

August 22nd, Stone & Stone Show, The Pit, 9PM, NYC

August 22nd, New York Comedy Club, 9:15, NYC

August 25th, One Night on Penn, Bella Notte, 9PM, Pittsburgh

August 26th, LexFest, Club Cafe, 10PM, Pittsburg

August 28th, Lap Dance Saloon, HiFi, 9PM, NYC


July 1st, Baby’s Got Backyard Comedy Show, BK

July 6th, Offside Tavern, 8PM, NYC

July 8th, Last Stop Laughs, QED, 11 PM, Astoria Queens

July 13th – 16th, Yuk Yuks, Ottawa

July 18th, Le Bordel, 8PM Montreal

July 19th, Gala Feministe @Zoofest, 9PM, Montreal

July 28th, Post Joke Era, La Chapelle, 8:30PM, Montreal

July 29th, Gala Feministe @Zoofest, 7:30PM, Montreal

July 31st, TruTV Taping, New York Comedy Club, 9:16PM, NYC


June 8th, Standard Time, Pacific Standard, 8PM, BK

June 10th, Killing Joke, Pine Box, 8PM, BK

June 9th, And I’m Not Lying, UCB East, Midnight, NYC

June 11th, Hosting the ACTRA Awards, Montreal

June 12th, Dawn Patrol, Comedy Bar, 8PM, Toronto

June 12th, Rivoli, 9PM, Toronto

June 13th, MEGA CRAZY CRAZY FRENZY!, The Garrison, 9PM, Toronto

June 15th, LOL at Open Sesame, 8:30 PM, Kitchener ON

June 16-17, Vermont Comedy Club, Burlington VT

June 19th, Comedy & Crepes, Skinny Pancake, 8PM, Burlington VT

June 20th, The Fancy Show, 8:30PM, BK

June 23rd, Bitches Brew, Halyards, 8:30PM, BK

June 23 – 25, Skankfest, Creek & the Cave, Queens, NY

June 25th, Freaky Torch, Dromedary Bar, 8:30 PM, Brooklyn

June 26th, Carolines, 7PM, NY


May 2nd, Two Boots Pizza, 8:30PM, Williamsburg, BK

May 3rd, Homocomicus, Gotham Comedy Club, 8PM, NYC

May 7th, Knitting Factory, 9PM, BK

May 9th, Teddy’s Bar, 9:30PM, BK

May 10th, Funny Bone, 7:30PM, Syracuse NY

May 13th, End of the Line, 9:30PM, QED, Queens NY

May 15th, Snowdonia, 9:30PM, Queens NY

May 17th, Fun House, Pete’s Candy Store, 10PM, Brooklyn

May 19th, Kweendom, Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn

May 20th, Comedy Nest, 8PM & 10:30PM, Montreal

May 26th Bryn Mawr College, 10:30PM, Philadelphia

May 30th, The RoastMasters, The Stand, 10PM, NY

May 31st, The Pit, 10PM, NY


April 2nd, Tender Trap, 9:30PM, Brooklyn

April 3rd, Freddy’s Bar, 9PM, Brooklyn

April 6th, Laugh it Up Astoria, QED, 9PM, Queens, NY

April 11th, Tyrannosaurus, R’A’R Bar, 9PM, Queens, NY

April 12th, Bitchcraft, Sid Gold’s, 7:30PM, NYC

April 12th, Gaylarious, Broadway Comedy Club, 8PM, NYC

April 13th, Death Comedy Jam, Creek & The Cave, 10PM, Queens

April 14th, Creek & The Cave Live, Creek & The Cave, 8PM, Queens

April 15th, The Real Bitches of Comedy, Silvana, 6PM, Harlem

April 19th, Grisly Pear, 8PM, NYC

April 21-23, Crom Comedy Festival, Omaha NV

April 24th, Westport Comedy Night, 8PM, Kansas City, MO

April 26th, Fatal Bus Accident, Heavy Anchor, 9PM, St Louis, MO

April 27th, Uptown Arts Bar, 7PM, Kansas City, MO


March 1st, New York Comedy Club, 8:30PM, NY

March 2nd, Scotty’s Pub and Comedy Cove, NJ

March 4th, The StoneWall Inn, 8PM, NY

March 7th, Wilson at Father Knows Best, 9PM, Brooklyn

March 10th, Whatever Comedy Show, Niagara Bar, 8PM, NY

March 11th Big Break ,Bluebird, 8PM, Brooklyn

March 14th, Tyrannosaurus, R’A’R, Bar, 9PM, Queens

March 16th, Romantic Comedy, Ripped Bodice, 8PM ,L.A.

March 18th, Comedy in English, Los Angeles Santa Monica Hostel, 8:30PM, L.A.

March 19th, Seismic, Muse, 7PM, L.A.

March 21st, Drunk on Stage, Akbar, 8PM, L.A.

March 23rd, Comedians You Should Know, The Improv, 10PM, L.A.

March 23rd, U Up, Silverlake Lounge, 12AM, L.A.

March 24th, The Mikey & Teddy Show, Fubar, 8PM, L.A.

March 25th, Pussy Riot, Tao Comedy Studio, 8PM, L.A.

March 26th, The Markaz, Pico Union Project, 7PM, L.A.

March 27th, JFL Showcase, Comedy Bar, 9PM, Toronto

March 29th, Spirits, 9PM, Toronto


February 4th, QED, 11PM, Queens NY

February 6th, Carolines, 7PM, NYC

February 17th, Eman El-Husseini, Psychic City, 8PM, Montreal

February 18th, Helder Brum & Friends, Comedy Bar, 8PM, Toronto

February 18th, Your Hood’s A Joke, Comedy Bar, 10PM, Toronto

February 19th, Lay Low Comedy, Lay Low Bar, 9:30PM, Toronto

February 20th, Salomon & Smith, Bad Dog Theatre, 7:30PM, Toronto

February 22nd, Funny Bone, 7:30PM, Albany NY

February 28th, R’A’R Bar, 9PM, Queens NY


January 3rd, Bunga’s Den, 8pm NYC

January 5th, Point of No Return, Old Man Hustle, 9PM, NYC

January 8th, Gotham Comedy Club, 8:30PM, NYC

January 9th, Wisemen, 9PM, NYC

January 10th, Bar None, 9PM, NYC

January 12th, Lasers in the Jungle, UCB-East, 7:30PM, NYC

January 13th, Karma Lounge, 7:30PM, NYC

January 14th, Human Citizen @ Art Cafe + Bar, Brooklyn

January 17th, Metropolitan Bar, 9PM, Brooklyn

January 18th, Cherry Tree, 8:30PM, Brooklyn

January 22nd, Crimson Wave, ComedyBar, 9:30PM, Toronto

January 23rd, Salomon & Smith, Bad Dog Theatre, 7:30PM, Toronto

January 24th, ProPen, ComedyBar, 9:30PM, Toronto

January 25th, Arts & Laughs, Christie Pitts Pub, 8:30PM, Toronto

January 25th, Joke Party, Comedy Bar, 9:30PM, Toronto

January 26th, Laugh Sabbath, Comedy Bar, 9:30PM, Toronto

January 27-28, Yuk Yuks, Hamilton

January 30, No Fun, 8:30PM, NYC


December 1st, Broadway Comedy Club, 7:30PM, NYC

December 7th, Beauty Bar, 9PM, NYC

December 13th, Laugh Factory, 7:30PM / Cocktail Comedy, House of Blues, 9PM, Chicago

December 14th, Zanies, Chicago

December 15th, Stand Up Stand Up, The Crocodile, 9PM, Chicago

December 16th, Zanies Rosemont 8PM / WIP Theatre, 10PM, Chicago

December 17th, Two Hour Comedy Hour, Gallery Cabaret, 7:30PM / WIP Theatre 10PM

December 19th, Salomon & Smith, Bad Dog Theatre, 7:30PM, Toronto

December 21st, Voix de Ville, Wiggle Room, 8:30PM, Montreal

December 22nd, Comedy Nest, 8PM / Le Bordel, 10PM, Montreal

December 23rd, Comedy Next, 8PM & 10:30PM, Montreal

December 28th, The Sensible Show, Annoyance Theatre, 7PM, Brooklyn


November 3rd, Jacknife Comedy, Creek and the Cave, 8PM, Long Island City

November 9th, Girl on Girl on Girl, The Duplex, 9:30PM, NYC

November 10th, Grin & Barrett, Beauty Bar, 8:30PM, NYC

November 12th, Big Break Comedy, 8PM, Brooklyn

November 17th, Boston Comedy Festival, 9:30PM, Boston

November 20th, Church Street Comedy, Pegasus Bar, 8PM, Toronto

November 21st, Salomon & Smith, Bad Dog Theatre, 7:30PM, Toronto

November 23rd, QED, 9PM, Queens NY

November 26th, Queerly Canadian, The Duplex, 7PM, NYC

November 28th, Carolines, 7PM, NYC


October 6th, Pacific Stand Up, Pacific Standard, 8PM, Brooklyn

October 7th, Bunga’s Den, 10PM, NYC

October 8th, West End Girls, Comedy Bar, 7PM, Toronto

October 8th, Brickworks Entertainment, Comedy Bar, 11PM, Toronto

October 13th-15th, Co-Headlining, Yuk Yuks, Ottawa

October 16th, Crimson Wave, Comedy Bar, 9PM Toronto

October 18th, Comedy Underground, The Drake, 8PM, Toronto

October 18th, Bottomless Pit, The Ossington, 9PM, Toronto

October 21-22, Yuk Yuks, Vaughn, 9PM, Ontario

October 24th, Salomon & Smith: Kick It! @ Bad Dog Theatre, 8PM Toronto

October 25th, Wilson at Father Knows Best, 9PM, Brooklyn


September 8th, Broadway Comedy Club, 7PM, NYC

September 11th, Comedy Nest, 8PM, Montreal

September 12th, Lady Fest @ Blue Dog, 9PM, Montreal

September 15th, The Unicorn, 7PM, NYC

September 15th, Old Man Hustle, 9PM, NYC

September 16th-17th, Cinderblock Festival, Brooklyn

September 19th, Salomon & Smith, SEASON TWO DEBUT! Bad Dog Theatre, 8PM

September 24th, 1AM Secret Show, Atlanta

September 26th, Star Bar, 9:00PM, Atlanta

September 29th – Oct 1st, Laughing Skull, Atlanta (Various Times)


August 5th, Transplant Show, QED, NYC, 7:30PM

August 6th, Bunga’s Den, 10PM, NYC

August 12th, Laugh Your Asheville Off,  7PM, NC

August 19-20, Co-Headlining: Yuk Yuks, Edmonton

August 21st, Headlining, Empress Comedy, 9PM, Edmonton

August 22nd, Hosting, Comedy Monday Night, 8PM, Calgary

August 25-27, Co-Headlining: Yuk Yuks, Calgary

August 29th, Village Lantern, 8PM, NYC


July 6th, Gotham Comedy Club, NYC, 7PM

July 8th, The Living Room Show, Postmark Cafe, Brooklyn, 8PM

July 12th, Dudes Bein’ Dudes Bein’ Dudes, Over the Eight, Brooklyn, 8PM

July 13th, Dope N’ Mic, Underground Comedy Club, Toronto, 9PM

July 13-17, Headlining: Yuk Yuks, Toronto (various times)

July 17th, Crimson Wave, Comedy Bar, Toronto, 9:30PM


June 3rd, Otto’s Shrunken Head, NYC, 7PM

June 6th, Caroline’s, NYC, 7PM

June 24 – 25, Co-Headlining, Vermont Comedy Club, Burlington VT

June 27th, Gotham Comedy Club, NYC, 7PM

June 29th, Laughs on Philly, Milkboy, Philadelphia


May 9th, Giggle Pit Comedy, Klimat Lounge, NYC

May 17th, Metropolitan Bar, NYC, PM

May 12-15, Yuk Yuks, Ottawa (various times)

May 26-28, Comedy Nest, Montreal (various times)


April 6th-11th, Winnipeg Comedy Festival

April 7th, CBC “Born this Way” Gala, Pantages Playhouse Theatre, 7:15PM

April 8th, Coast to Coast Comedy, Club Regent Event Centre, 8PM

April 9th, “BLT” Comedy Show, Gas Station Arts Centre, 10:30PM

April 10th, CBC’s The Debaters, Club Regent Event Centre, 2PM

April 16th, Comedy Nest, Montreal, 8PM & 10:30PM

April 17th, Yuk Yuks, Toronto (in Spanish!), 8PM

April 18th, Salomon & Smith: Kick It!, Toronto, Bad Dog Theatre, 8PM

April 20th, Ghandi, Is That You?, New York City, Lucky Jack’s Bar, 9PM


March 5th, Feel Good Comedy Show, Theatre Ste Catherine, Montreal, 10PM

March 12th, Sexual Overtones, St Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, Ottawa

March 17th-19th, Yuk Yuks, Ajax Ontario

March 21st, Salomon & Smith: Kick It!, Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto, 8PM


February 2nd, Fanshawe College, London ON, Noon

February 3rd, Les Mecredis Unleash Ta Bete, Montreal, 8:30PM

February 6th, MC Jewish Community Centre Fundraiser, London ON

February 7th, Let’s Talk About Sex, Comedy Bar, Toronto, 7PM

February 14th, Brunch Club Valentine’s Day Show, Comedyworks, Montreal, 8:30PM

February 17th, Voix de Ville, The Wiggle Room, Montreal, 8:30PM

February 18th, Comedy Nest, Montreal, 8PM

February 19-20, Yuk Yuks, Hamilton ON, 8PM

February 21st, Crimson Wave, Comedy Bar, Toronto, 9:30PM

February 22nd, Salomon & Smith: Kick It!, Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto, 8PM


January 3rd, Yas Kween, Bad Dog Theatre, 9:30PM

January 7th – 9th, Yuk Yuks, Niagara Falls, ON

January 12th, Comedy on College, Pour Boy, Toronto, 8PM

January 13th, So You You Think You Can Date, Comedy Bar, Toronto, 9:30PM

January 14th, Laugh Sabbath, Comedy Bar, Toronto, 9:30PM

January 15th, Mary Janes of Comedy, Comedy Bar, Toronto, 10PM

January 16th, Helder Brum and Friends, Comedy Bar, Toronto, 8PM

January 18th, Salomon & Smith: Kick It!, Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto, 8PM

January 20th, Unleash Ta Bete, Bar Don B Comber, Montreal, 8:30PM

January 28th, Cloud Comedy, Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto

January 29th, Ice Breakers Festival, Niagara on the Lake, 9PM


December 1st, Dope N’Mic, Underground Cafe and Social Club, Toronto, 9PM

December 3rd-5th, Yuk Yuks, Ajax, Ontario

December 10th-12th, Yuk Yuks, Montreal

December 14th, Opening for Mariana Mazza, Sherbrooke QC (French)

December 20th, Church St. Comedy, Church Street Garage, Toronto, 8PM

December 21st, Salomon & Smith: Kick It!, Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto, 8PM


November 5th, Night School, Waterloo ON, 8PM

November 6th, Yuk Yuks Festival Showcase, Toronto

November 7th, Confabulation, Mainline Theatre, Montreal, 8PM

November 10th, Yuk Yuks Cross Canada Cancer Fundraiser, Montreal, 8PM

November 13th- 14th, Yuk Yuks, Vaughn, ON, 9PM

November 16th, Salomon & Smith: Kick It!, Bad Dog Theatre, 7:30 PM

November 18th, Le Duquartier Drinkerie Bar, Drummondville QC (French)

November 19th, Yuk Yuks, Montreal, 8PM

November 21st, Yuk Yuks, Montreal, 8PM

November 29th, Open Michelle, Comedy Nest, Montreal, 8PM

November 30th, Wand Portal, Comedy Bar, Toronto, 8:30PM




October 1st – 4th, Yuk Yuks, Various Times

October 30th – November 1st, Yuk Yuks, Various Times

November 1st, Limmud, Presentation “Doing Good”, 3:30 PM


October 7th, Comedy Night @ NESTA, 8PM

October 11th, Thanksgiving Day Show, Comedy Nest, 8PM

October 14th, Voix de Ville, The Wiggle Room, 8PM

October 21st, The Yellow Door, 8PM

October 24th, Theatre Ste Catherine, 10 PM


October 26th, Salomon & Smith: Kick It, Bad Dog Theatre, 8PM




September 1st, Hosting at YukYuks, 9:30PM

September 3rd, Fundraiser for TEA, The Garrison, 7PM

September 5th, West End Girls, Comedy Bar, 7PM

September 21st, Salomon & Smith, Bad Dog Theatre

September 24th, JFL 42, Yuk Yuks, 8PM


September 7th, Hosting at Blue Dog, 9PM

September 14th, Blue Dog, 9PM

September 25th, Theatre St Catherine, 10PM

September 26th, The RIFF, Theatre St Catherine, 10PM

September 30th, Le Medley, 8PM


September 19th, The Comedy Studio, 8PM

September 20th, Laugh Boston,  8PM




August 1st, Cracking Up The Capital Festival, Ottawa

August 3rd, Hosting at Blue Dog, 9PM

August 5th, Co-Hosting “The Exchange”, CJAD 800 AM

August 6th, The Dirty Show, The Wiggle Room, 9PM

August 7th, Fundraiser for David Lametti, Shooters Bar, 7PM

August 10th, Headlining at Donair Cite, 8PM

August, 18th, Ladies and Gentlemen, Shaika Cafe, 9PM

August 23rd, “So You Think You’re Bilingual?”, ComedyNest, 8PM

August 28th – 29th, ODD BLOCK COMEDY FESTIVAL, Winnipeg




July 10-11, Border City Comedy Festival, Windsor, ON

July 15, Spirits, 9PM, Toronto

July 16, Laugh Sabbath, Comedy Bar, 9:30PM, Toronto

July 17-18, Co-Featuring Pride, YukYuks, London, ON


July 20, JFL “Ronny Chieng” (Hosting) Yuk Yuks, 7:30PM

July 20, JFL “The Montreal Show”, Wiggle Room, 11:30PM

July 21, Le Bordel (French), 8PM

July 22, JFL “Steve Byrne” (Hosting), Yuk Yuks, 7:30PM

July 24, JFL “Rod Man” (Hosting), Yuk Yuks, 9:30PM

July 27, The Very Sirius Show, ComedyNest, 8PM




June 17th, Pride Show, Spirits, 9PM

June 17th, Dope N’ Mic, Underground Comedy Club, 9PM

June 19th -20th, Yuk Yuks (Hamilton), 8PM

June 24th, Montreal Expos, YukYuks (Toronto), 8PM

June 26th, Pride, YukYuks (Toronto), 8PM

June 26th, Top Shelf Comedy, 9PM


June 8th, SiriusXM Top Comic, Comedy Nest, 8PM




May 1st – 2nd, She Dot Festival

May 4th, Alt Dot, The Rivoli, 9PM

May 13th, Chuckle Co., Comedy Bar, 9:30PM

May 14th, Laugh Sabbath, Comedy Bar, 9:30PM

May 16th, Beit Zatoun, 7PM

May 16th – 17th, Yuk Yuks (Mississauga), 9PM

May 17th, Stoner Sundays, Vapor Lounge, 9PM

May 18th, Laughable at Unloveable, 9PM

May 26th, Yuk Yuks Toronto, 9:30PM


May 7th – 9th, Yuk Yuks




April 1st, Fozzington at The Ossington, 9PM

April 5th, Stoner Sundays, Vapour Lounge, 9PM

April 7th, Fountain Abbey, Fountain Bar, 8PM

April 10th-11th, Yuk Yuks, Vaughn


April 8th, Yuk Yuks, 8PM

April 16th-18th, Yuk Yuks

April 19th, Headlining, Comedy Abroad, M Bar, 8:15PM

April 20th, Blue Dog, 9PM

April 21st, Hey Gorgeous!, Theatre Ste Catherine, 7PM

April 21st, SouthOuest Comedy, Théâtre Paradoxe, 8:30PM

April 23rd-26th, Comedy Nest

North Carolina

April 29th – 30th, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, Wilmington



March 3rd, Just for Laughs Showcase, Yuk Yuks, 8PM

March 15th, Open Michelle, ComedyNest, 8PM

Boulder, Colorado

March 11th, Comedy for Cambio Fundraiser, 5:30PM



New York

December 5th, The Living Room Show, Postmark Cafe, 8PM

December 6th, Underbelly, Creek and the Cave, 10PM

December 8th, Carolines, 7PM









November 3rd, Blue Dog, 9PM

November 4th, Shaika Cafe, 9PM

November 5th, McGill’s School of Agriculture, MacDonald Campus, 5PM

November 6th, Yuk Yuks, 8PM

New York 

November 9th, Beauty Bar, 9PM

November 10th, Stand Up NY, 10PM

November 14th, Dirty Hoe Show, Karma Lounge, 7PM

November 17th, Broken Comedy, Bar Matchless, 9PM

November 26th, Bitches Brew, Lucey’s Lounge, 8PM



October 30 – November 1, Yuk Yuks (Elgin St), 8:30 PM



September 16th, Hosting Dr. Laurie’s “The Sex Bible” VIP/Media Book Launch, Le Living Room, 7PM

September 20th, United in Comedy, ASM Performing Arts, 8:30PM





August 14th, Hosting Comedy at the M Hostel, 8:30PM


August 21st, Yuk Yuks, 8:30PM


August 25th, Monday Night Showcase, Snack N’ Blues, 9PM





July 18, 26, 28, August 1st: Hosting Kings of Comedy at ZOOFEST, La Chappelle

July 18, 26, 28, August 1st:  Queens of Comedy at ZOOFEST, La Chappelle

July 11, 12, 15, 17: Pretty Semitic (Salomon/El-Husseini) at ZOOFEST, Katacombes

July 30th, Special DIVERS/CITE Edition of The Peopl’s ComedyPeopl





June 3rd, Co-Hosting Stand Up Tuesday, Comedyworks, 8:30PM

June 4th, Comedy All Stars, Comedyworks, 8:30PM

June 5th – 7th, Hosting Grand Prix Weekend, Comedyworks, 8:30PM / 10:30PM Friday & Saturday

June 9th, Blue Dog, 9PM

June 10th, Special Fringe Edition of Grinders, Theatre Ste Catherine, 9PM

June 12th, IMO (In My Opinion) at The Montreal Fringe Festival, Theatre Ste Catherine, 10:45PM

June 13th, IMO (In My Opinion) at The Montreal Fringe Festival, Theatre Ste Catherine, 9PM

June 14th, IMO (In My Opinion) at The Montreal Fringe Festival, Theatre Ste Catherine, 9PM

June 15th, IMO (In My Opinion) at The Montreal Fringe Festival, Theatre Ste Catherine, 3:45PM

June 17th, Salomon & Smith Takeover The Comedyworks, Comedyworks, 8:30PM

June 18th, Comedy All Stars, Comedyworks, 8:30PM

June 19th, IMO (In My Opinion) at The Montreal Fringe Festival, Theatre Ste Catherine, 5:30PM

June 20th, IMO (In My Opinion) at The Montreal Fringe Festival, Theatre Ste Catherine, 9PM

June 21st, IMO (In My Opinion) at The Montreal Fringe Festival, Theatre Ste Catherine, 2PM

June 22nd, IMO (In My Opinion) at The Montreal Fringe Festival, Theatre Ste Catherine, 4:30PM

June 23rd, So You Think You’re Bilingual, Comedy Nest, 8PM

June 25th, The Peopl’s Comedy, Peopl, 8PM


June 26th – 27th, Toronto Pride, Yuk Yuks





May 3rd, Confabulation (Storytelling), Mainline Theatre, 8PM


May 8th-10th, Boston Women in Comedy Festival


May 14th, Wednesday Comedy All Stars, Comedyworks, 8:30PM

May 14th, Yarn (Storytelling), Le Cagibi, 8:00PM

May 18th, Hosting “The Morning After Comedy Show”, Comedy Nest, 8PM

May 23rd, Private Fundraiser.

May 25th, So You Thing You’re Bilingual, Comedy Nest, 8PM

May 28th, ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! “The Peopl’s Comedy“, Peopl, 8PM

May 30th, Hosting a Private Fundraiser with Joey Elias.

May 31st, MC Fundraiser for The Vintage Girls, Peopl, 7:30 PM



New York City

April 2nd, Comedy School Dropout, Beauty Bar, 8PM

April 2nd, Big Effing Deal, 2A, 8PM

April 2nd, School Night, UCB Chelsea, 11 PM

April 3rd, Another Bar Show, Beauty Bar, 8:30PM

April 6th, If You Build It, UCB East, 8PM

April 7th, Caroline’s, 7PM

April 8th, Prequel, Over the Eight, 6PM

April 8th, Tits and Giggles, Laughing Devil, 8PM

April 9th, Hot Crowd, Over the Eight, 8PM

April 9th, Ghandi is that You?, Lucky Jacks, 9PM

April 9th, The NINES, Stand Up NY Labs, 9PM

April 10th, Another Bar Show, Beauty Bar, 8PM

April 10th, Class War, Three of Cups, 8:30PM


April 15th, Ladies & Gentlemen, Shaika Cafe, 9PM

April 16th, Shut Up and Laugh!, Burritoville, 8:30PM

April 17th, Hosting for PJ Gallaher, Comedyworks, 8:30PM

April 22nd, Stand Up Tuesday, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

April 22nd, Grinders, Theatre Ste Catherine 9PM

April 23rd, Voix de Ville, The Wiggle Room, 8PM

April 24th, Comedy at the M Hostel, 8:30PM

April 24th, For Shits and Giggles, Cafe Aleatoire, 9PM

April 25th, Featuring for Massimo, Comedyworks, 8:30PM & 10:30PM

April 27th,  Hosting BOOM, Comedyworks, 8:30PM

April 28th, Just for Laughs Audition, Comedyworks, 8:30PM

April 30th, The Peopl’s Comedy, Peopl, 8PM Doors/8:30PM Show





March 4th, Comedyworks, Co-Hosting, 8:30PM

March 11th, Comedyworks, Co-Hosting, 8:30PM


March 15th, Toronto Comedy All-Stars, Arts Court Theatre, 8 PM


March 18th, Ladies & Gentleman, Shaika Cafe, 9 PM

March 19th, Comedy Nest, Hosting Open Mic, 8PM

March 20-22, Comedyworks, 8:30PM plus late shows Friday and Saturday at 10:30PM

March 25th, Comedyworks, Co-Hosting, 8:30PM

March 26th, The Peopl’s Comedy, Peopl, 8PM


March 27-29, Laughing Skull Festival, Atlanta


March 30th, Headlining BOOM, Comedyworks, 8:30PM




February 3rd, Just for Laughs Showcase, Comedyworks, 8:30PM

February 6th-8th, Comedyworks, 8:30PM (Late Shows Friday and Saturday at 10:30PM)


February 10th, Comedy at Clinton’s, 8PM

February 11th, Taping “Inside Joke” for the iChannel, The LOT

February 12th, “The Was Fun“, Comedy Bar, 9:30PM

February 13th, Hosting “Eman Unveiled“, Flying Beaver Pubaret, 10PM


February 17th, Comedyworks / Blue Dog, 8:30PM / 9:30PM

February 18th, Stand Up Tuesday, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

February 19th, Voix de Ville, Wiggle Room, 8:00 PM

February 20th, Stand Up at the M Hostel, 8:45PM

February 26th, The Peopl’s Comedy, Peopl, 8:30 PM

February 27th, C’est Ça! Comédie, Theatre St Catherine, 8:30 PM (French)

February 27th, 4 Shits and Giggles, Cafe Aleatoire, 9PM

February 27th, Headlining “The Laugh Pack”, Segal Centre, 10PM

February 28th, Feature Friday Comedy Show, Parc des Princes, 8:30 PM



January 2nd, Another Bar Show, Beauty Bar, NYC

January 2nd, Cake Shop, NYC

January 5th, If You Build It They Will Come, UCB East NYC

January 6th, Caroline’s, NYC

January 6th, Free Cable, Over the Eight, Brooklyn

January 8th, Fat Baby, NYC

January 9th – 11th, Comedy Nest, Montreal

January 13th, “Pretty Semitic”, Bialik School, Montreal

January 23rd, M Hostel (Headlining), Montreal

January 29th, “The Peopl’s Comedy“, Peopl, Montreal

January 30th – February 2nd, SF Sketchfest, San Francisco



December 2nd, The Rivoli, 9PM Toronto

December 7th, “Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays”, Arts Court Theatre, 8PM Ottawa

December 8th, Hosting “Joey Elias Comedy Class Graduation”, Comedy Nest, 8PM

December 10th, Hostin “Stand Up Tuesdays”, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

December 11th, “Free Speech” at Peopl, 8:30PM

December 11th, Comedy All-Stars, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

December 12th – 14th, Comedyworks, 8:30PM and 10:30 PM (Friday & Saturday)

December 15th, Hosting “A White Christmas”, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

December 18th, “The Peopl’s Comedy” at Peopl, 8:30PM

December 19th – 21st, “Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays”, Comedy Nest, 8:00PM



November 1st, “No Kidding” TV Taping for the iChannel, The LOT, Toronto

November 4th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

November 5th, Ladies and Gentlemen Show @ Shaika Cafe, 9 PM

November 7th, Stand Up at the M, 8:30 PM

November 11th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

November 13th, “Free Speech” at Peopl, 8:30 PM

November 18th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

November 19th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

November 20th, McKibbin’s Irish Pub, Vaudreuil, 8PM

November 21st, Stand Up at the M Hostel (Headlining), 8:30 PM

November 22nd, “So You Think You’re Bilingual”, Comedy Nest, 10:30 PM

November 25th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

November 26th, Les Mardis du Rire with Julien Lacroix, 341 Saint-charles. O Longueuil.

November 27th, “The Peopl’s Comedy” at Peopl, 8:30 PM

November 28th, Laugh Sabbath at Comedy Bar, 9:30 PM, Toronto

November 30th, “Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays” at The LOT Comedy Club, 8 PM, Toronto



October 3 – 6, Absolute Comedy, Toronto

October 7th, Dawn Patrol, Comedy Bar, 8 PM, Toronto

October 9th, Free Speech at Peopl, 8 PM, Montreal

October 10 – 13, Absolute Comedy, Ottawa

October 14th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM, Montreal

October 18th, Stand Up NY, 11:15 PM, NYC

October 21, The Meaning of Life Comedy Show, 8:30 PM, 2A Bar, NYC

October 23-26, The She-Devil Comedy Festival, NYC

October 28th, Caroline’s, 7 PM NYC

October 28th, Sack Magic, 9PM, Brooklyn

October 30th, The Peopl’s Comedy, Peopl, 8 PM



September 1st, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Austin Texas

September 11th, Free Speech, Peopl, 8 PM

September 18th, Yarn, Le Cagibi, 8 PM

September 20th, NFB Megaphone Project, Montreal

September 25th, The Peopl’s Comedy, Peopl, 8:30 PM



August 6th, St Ciboire, 8:30 PM (French)

August 7th, Yuk Yuks Ottawa, 8:30 PM (Feature Act)

August 8th, Stand Up at The M, 9 PM (Headliner)

August 11th, Private Show, opening for Joey Elias

August 12th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

August 13th, Stand Up Tuesday, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

August 21st, All Star Wednesday, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

August 22nd – 24th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM, Late shows Sat/Sun 10:30 PM

August 25th, hosting BOOM 6th anniversary, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

August 26th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

August 28th, hosting “The Peopl’s Comedy”, Peopl, 8:30 PM

August 29th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

August 31st, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Austin Texas



July 10th, Burritoville, 8:30 PM

July 11th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

July 12th, Comedyworks, 10:30 PM

July 13th, Comedyworks, 10:30 PM

July 15th, Comedyworks, 8:30 PM

July 16th, Ladies & Gentlemen Comedy, 9 PM

July 17th, Abreuvoir (French), 9 PM

July 18, 19, 25 & 26,  ZOOFEST, Les Z’Importes, Espace des Arts, 11:30 PM